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Antique French Mantel Clocks for Sale in London, UK

Antique mantel clocks, originally developed in France during the 1750s, are usually small and portable and can be placed on shelves or fireplaces. French mantel clocks can be a wonderful way to enhance your home both in beauty and value.

We provide a range of antique French mantle clocks (circa 1790-1880) for sale from our store in London which includes garnitures and singles, Bronze D'ore and Bronze D'ore with "Sèvres" panels.

We always have a wide selection of British, Dutch and French tall clocks (circa 1730-1900) available in our showrooms online. French Credenza cabinets in walnut or mahogany with solid or glazed doors 19th century are also available.

All clocks, including the antique mantel clocks we currently have for sale in London, have been cleaned and timed prior to shipment.

Our store is located in the heart of London near to the famous Hyde Park in Kensington. And Notting Hill Gate tube station. Tempus Antiques is a trade and export outlet and the prices of our clocks including the French mantel clocks we currently stock in London, UK reflect this. For more information either call us on 0207 243 5566 or email paul.clock@btconnect.com.